Crucero Fluvial por los grandes Ríos de Europa con Mundomar Cruceros Crucero Fluvial por los grandes ríos de Europa con Mundomar Cruceros Cruceros Fluviales por los grandes Ríos de Europa con Mundomar Cruceros

TRANS-EUROPEan river cruises

Sailing through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine 

Take this Great Journey, in the same river boat, through the great rivers, Rhine and Danube, to discover the best of the old continent. Cross Europe from the North Sea to the Black Sea, and be amazed as it passes by iconic capitals, stunning landscapes, and the multiculturalism of each region.


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Here we show you the main embarkation ports for your Trans-european river cruise

Amsterdam Strasbourg Budapest Viena Berlin Bucharest

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The Great Trans-European in the same boat throughout Europe, the Rhine, Main and the Danube, make this option a great trip to know Central Europe from the mouth of the Danube in the Black Sea, passing through the Romanian plains, the landscapes of the Balkans, the imperial capitals, the castles of Bavaria, the Romantic Valley of the Rhine to the Canals of Belgium and Holland in the Rhine Delta. A journey full of magic and wonders declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Between the Netherlands and Hungary, a Trans-European segment that will take you to travel between Bucharest or Budapest, to the Channels of Holland and Belgium.

Bavarian Romanticism and Blue Danube is a Trans-European segment that concentrates the highlights of the 2 rivers, the classicism and musicality of the Danube between Budapest, Vienna, the Bavarian Castle, the Middle Rhine Valley and the upper reaches to ALsace and the famous Strasbourg.

Travel through various Rivers and Channels of the German North in a Trans-European full of historical, architectural and medieval richness. Whether you travel a single segment or sail across Europe, this is a beautiful river that will not leave you indifferent.

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